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Computer Specialties has a complete line of custom printed mouse pads. We can print four-color process (photographic quality) or spot color on both soft and hard surface mouse pads.
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All of our mouse pads have a natural rubber backing and are the highest quality mouse pads available anywhere.

Quantity discounts are available on all of our products. Here is a brief description of each pad type.

Silk Screened Pads are the soft surface, colored fabric top pads with one or more ink colors that you see everywhere.

In smaller quantities, they are our least expensive pads. 100 pads with one ink color cost only $2.50 each plus a “one time only” setup charge of $30.

Silk screen pads come in eight different colors: black, royal blue, navy blue, burgundy, forest green, gray, red and white. All silk screen pads measure 9-1/4" x 7-3/4" x 1/4".

Four-color process (photographic quality), a full bleed (printing all the way to the edge), or gradients (blends) cannot be printed on silk screen pads. They can, however, be printed on both dye sublimation and hard surface mouse pads.

Dye Sublimation Pads are soft surfaced pads. The colors are very vivid with a smooth surface that will not fade, crack or peel. They are even washable with a damp cloth.

Hard Surfaced Pads The image is printed on high quality glossy white book stock and glued between a natural rubber backing and a hard clear plastic top. They are available in both matte and glossy finish. The cost is the same for either surface type.

Anything that can be printed on paper can be printed on dye sublimation or hard surface mouse pads.

Dye sublimation and hard surface mouse pads are available in three sizes and three thicknesses: “Small” (7-1/2" x 8"), “Large” (8" x 9-1/2"), 8" diameter round and 1/4", 1/8" and
1/16" thicknesses.

Custom cut sizes and shapes in both dye sublimation and hard surface pads are available. Please call for details.


Please call Toll-Free 1-800-784-PADS (7237) for additional information.

We accept Visa, Mastercard And AMEX!

Build a better mouse pad and... the world will beat a path to your door.


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